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The Cutts & Case shipyard is located in the beautiful and quaint cottage town of Oxford, Maryland.

It’s that time!

While it is only the first of February, now is the time to plan for your spring launch!

Stored but not forgotten, a family treasure is revived.

I am a boatyard prowler drawn to distant, weed-filled corners where neglected old boats on jack stands are left to wither and die. You don’t see many of these vessels nowadays because wise boatyard operators have become wary of overly ambitious projects heavy on dreams but light on finances and boatwork skills. Follow the link … Read more

A Chesapeake tradition: Cutts & Case Shipyard

It was almost inevitable that Eddie and Ronnie Cutts would be boat builders. Their father built more than 70 handcrafted, wooden-hulled boats, from yachts to dinghies. Their grandfather was a wood worker.

Surf Bird

Article by Gencer Emiroglu, about our cruise on Surf Bird on the Chesapeake last October.

Rosenfeld’s Foto Restored

Morris Rosenfeld’s old chase boat is an ultimate collectable. When Ed Cutts bought her, she was a wreck. Look at her now.

A Lineage of Craftsmanship

“Clean lines, durability, ease of handling, and impeccable craftsmanshipare the unwavering principles of Edmund A. Cutts, a 60-year old formerLong Islander who operates the Cutts & Case boatyard in Oxford,Maryland.”